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The Discworld Compendium
Last updated April 2004
A compendium of knowledge about Terry Pratchett's Discworld cycle. Also featuring a character index and fanart gallery.

Beth's Miscellany
Last updated December 2004
Art and writings of Beth Winter. Features both original and fan works.

Opened May 4, 2005
My Livejournal icons.

Graphomania in the snow
Inactive, archives available
My journal and social calendar.

Paint Shop of Horrors
Opened April 9, 2002
Digital dreams, binary nightmares, and how to create and manage them using Jasc's Paint Shop Pro.

Clamp Fan Fiction Mailing List homepage
Last updated March 2002
The frequently made announcements (F(uu)MA) and Clamp List Of Writers (CLOW) for the Clamp Fan Fiction Mailing List.

The domain

Extenuation: 1. The act of extenuating or the condition of being extenuated; partial justification. 2. A partial excuse.
(from the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language)

The current logo features an excerpt from one of my poems and owes much to The software used in creating this site was EditPad Classic 3.4 and Paint Shop Pro 7.


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